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Live a Fuller Life With an Emphasis on an Ancestral Lifestyle


Are you looking to make a change in your lifestyle and not sure where to start or what to do?

If you keep telling yourself you really need to break your patterns but find yourself tiptoeing around it, maybe it’s time to call in some support.

I’m here to help you change “I want” to “I am.”

As your coach, I am here for you – in your corner – with no judgment – helping you succeed at your goals.

Do any of these sound like you?

I know a Paleo template is the way I want to eat but planning and cooking meals is a struggle.

You understand the Ancestral lifestyle and can get behind it; however, cooking and planning healthy meals is a lot. It seems overwhelming and complicated. You don't have time, hate cooking, or don't know how.

Eating Paleo can take some planning, but that doesn’t mean it has to take over your life. Spending hours in the kitchen isn't a requirement either. We can work together so eating Paleo becomes simple and easy.

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Things are going smoothly, then something comes up, and my habits or goals get derailed. Getting back on track is taking longer than I’d like.

You have these ideas on how you want to be, you most likely even know how to get there, but things come up (hello added stress!) and those habits and goals get pushed back, set aside, or even forgotten about.

Life happens, but what if you were able to stay on track even when a roadblock comes up? Maybe it’s even about finding that balance to keep it all together. I can help you navigate those challenges, so you reach your goals faster.

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I’m stuck, feeling meh, or misaligned in life. I’m ready for something different.

Whatever you've got going on isn’t working. It feels off, or straight-up miserable. It's possible you feel pressure to live and be a certain way because that’s what you "should" be doing. Maybe you don’t want to let anyone down. Truth is, you deserve to be happy and going after what you want.

Together let’s explore what you would really like to be doing, how you’d like to be living, and the steps to get you there.

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  • First and foremost, it’s a partnership between coach & client.
  • It's a collaboration that helps you achieve improvements or changes in your life that better your wellbeing.
  • We do that (in short) by discussing those changes and creating goals and the steps to get you there.
  • I believe you’re the expert in your own life, so we create a plan that works for you together - you’re in the driver's seat of this journey.
  • p.s. Coaching doesn’t just extend to the usual suspects like diet, exercise, & managing stress. If it betters your wellbeing or outlook, it falls under health and wellness.

A coach could be a great partner if:

  • Honestly, anyone can benefit from coaching, even if you have everything dialed-in (this is why CEOs or coaches have coaches). A client once said, “Having a coach should be a life requirement, it’s so helpful.”
  • If you want to make a change or create a new habit/routine and are finding yourself struggling or not sure how, we would most likely be able to work on that together.
  • Some topics I’ve helped coach around include adding “me-time”, consistent exercise routine, tracking food, limiting snacking, changing careers, getting outside more, time management, keeping yourself as a priority while maintaining relationships/responsibilities.
  • p.s. coaching isn’t just for athletes or the elite - it’s for anyone who is looking to make a change, or feeling stuck.

Coaching Sessions: What to Expect

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Photo of Ashley sitting down at a desk

Hi there, I’m Ashley

I could give you all the insights as to who I am and what makes me, me; however, I think what you’re probably wanting to know is why it is my mission to help people shine.

I haven’t seen it all (I mean, who has?), but I’ve been through a lot of unique life experiences. I truly believe it’s a culmination of my entire life thus far that got me here, but there are a few significant moments that I’d like to share:

I left my career in the fashion industry…

…so burnt out I knew I would never look back. This made me realize how much I value boundaries, self-love, and freedom.

Then my health collapsed…

…after I stopped forcing my mind, body, and soul to live up to unmanageable expectations. Recovering from chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, mercury & mold toxicity has been quite the journey. I should’ve expected this, but you always somehow think, “I didn’t do that much harm,” “I’ll be fine,” etc.

I absolutely wish I had the insight and bigger picture view I do now back then. These challenges led me to delve deeper into the functional and ancestral lifestyle I was already semi-living to regain my health.

Enter Paleo Leap…

Becoming a part of and eventually managing Paleo Leap (a resource for all things Paleo) renewed my sense of meaning. It filled me up with warmth every time I read a success story from one of our readers. Knowing that I was making an impact on people and their health was the complete opposite of anything I ever felt designing clothes.

Having a chronically ill partner…

…I saw firsthand how health, and life itself, co-exist. Our normal didn’t look like anyone else’s, from following strict protocols, diet restrictions, to limiting indoor spaces, you name it. I learned the importance of self-care as a caretaker; and how to manage and make the best of limitations. It took perseverance and adaptability, and it changed my whole perspective on life.

Becoming a board-certified health & wellness coach…

I am a National Board-Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) and an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach from the Kresser Institute.

Coaching is now my main focus. It allows me to bring health and wellness to others on an individual level. My goal is to help my clients achieve optimal health by guiding them through lifestyle changes and empowering them to live life on their own terms.

I haven’t seen it all (I mean, who has?) but I’ve seen and experienced unique things. They have brought me to this point, valuing life and health and shining light on them. I truly believe it’s a culmination of my entire life thus far that got me here, but there are a few significant moments that I’d like to share.

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Photo of a client
Having never had an external source to speak to about my goals and day-to-day happenings, our time has brought up a lot of positive aspects for me. It's been great to have Ashley help point out different points in my behaviors/actions that I don't see myself. This has been the biggest takeaway for me. I love having convos resulting in action/takeaways as well.
Photo of a client
I worked with Ashley over a huge transition period of my life. Entering this time was very daunting and Ashley took the stress away by helping me take a step back, see the bigger picture, and then figure out how to break everything down into manageable steps. Whilst working with her my confidence in my decision-making increased, and I was able to re-focus and re-evaluate where my key growth areas should be. I highly recommend her!
I would recommend working with Ashley and Ginny. I really enjoyed getting to see my colleagues outside of the most stressful times of day when we usually pass each other at top speed. It's been extremely beneficial to have regular check-ins where I'm reminded that I'm not alone and others are feeling similarly. This kind of work helps preserve the humanity in an organization (as opposed to the American tendency to try and turn everything into a machine).
I walked away from every meeting feeling a little bit lighter and breathing a little bit easier. I've made meaningful connections with my colleagues and learned to be more kind and patient with myself. I'd definitely recommend Ginny and Ashley -- this was a professional development meeting I actually didn't mind staying after work for. The space that Ashley and Ginny created for us to share and have genuine conversations made this the most meaningful team-building experience I've ever been a part of.
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