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Live a Fuller Life With an Emphasis on an Ancestral Lifestyle


How would it feel to accomplish your goals and live a life true to yourself?

As a health and wellness coach, I’m here to help you change the “I want” to “I am.”

Whether you’re ready to start making changes or still thinking things through, you’re in the right place.

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Do any of these sound like you?

The ancestral lifestyle resonates with you, but you’re having trouble with the transition

You’ve done your research, you’re on board, and really want to give ancestral living ago. However, it’s overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start. Maybe you’re even past that but something/somebody derailed you. Damn that bread! I hate cooking! It’s just me in the house eating this way…

I’ll help you navigate those challenges to make an ancestral lifestyle work for you and your specific needs.

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You’ve been Paleo for awhile and are looking to expand on the lifestyle

You’ve optimized your diet, you get the principles, you know this stuff - so you know how important sleep, stress, movement, and play are. Maybe managing your stress isn’t as easy with a demanding boss, or your sleep is lacking due to all your responsibilities. Some areas need some improvement.

I’ll help guide you so you make progress in those areas and they become just as solid as other aspects in your life.

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You’re stuck, possibly feeling trapped in life, and something has to change

You feel pressure to live and be a certain way because that’s what you "should" be doing. Maybe you don’t want to let anyone down. Truth is, whatever way you’re living, isn’t working. It feels off, or straight-up miserable. You deserve to be happy and going after what you want.

Together let’s explore what you would really like to be doing, how you’d like to be living, and the steps to get you there - even within the life you already have.

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  • First and foremost, it’s a partnership between coach & client.
  • It's a collaboration that helps you achieve improvements or changes in your life that better your wellbeing.
  • We do that (in short) by discussing those changes and creating goals and the steps to get you there.
  • I believe you’re the expert in your own life, so we create a plan that works for you together - you’re in the driver's seat of this journey.
  • p.s. Coaching doesn’t just extend to the usual suspects like diet, exercise, & managing stress. If it betters your wellbeing or outlook, it falls under health and wellness.

A coach could be a great partner if:

  • Honestly, anyone can benefit from coaching, even if you have everything dialed-in (this is why CEOs or coaches have coaches). A client once said, “Having a coach should be a life requirement, it’s so helpful.”
  • If you want to make a change or create a new habit/routine and are finding yourself struggling or not sure how, we would most likely be able to work on that together.
  • Some topics I’ve helped coach around include adding “me-time”, consistent exercise routine, tracking food, limiting snacking, changing careers, getting outside more, time management, keeping yourself as a priority while maintaining relationships/responsibilities.
  • p.s. coaching isn’t just for athletes or the elite - it’s for anyone who is looking to make a change, or feeling stuck.

Coaching Sessions: What to Expect

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Hi there, I’m Ashley

I could give you all the insights as to who I am and what makes me, me; however, I think what you’re probably wanting to know is why it is my mission to help people shine.

I haven’t seen it all (I mean, who has?), but I’ve been through a lot of unique life experiences. I truly believe it’s a culmination of my entire life thus far that got me here, but there are a few significant moments that I’d like to share:

I left my career in the fashion industry…

…so burnt out I knew I would never look back. This made me realize how much I value self-love, freedom, and working for a company that values me.

Then my health collapsed…

…after I stopped forcing my mind, body, and soul to live up to unmanageable expectations. Recovering from chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, mercury & mold toxicity has been quite the journey. I should’ve expected this, but you always somehow think, “I didn’t do that much harm,” “I’ll be fine,” etc.

I absolutely wish I had the insight and bigger picture view I do now back then. These challenges led me to delve deeper into the functional and ancestral lifestyle I was already semi-living to regain my health.

Enter Paleo Leap…

Becoming a part of and eventually managing Paleo Leap (a resource for all things Paleo) renewed my sense of meaning. It fills me up with warmth every time I read a success story from one of our readers. To know that I’m making an actual impact on people is the complete opposite of anything I ever felt designing clothes.

Having a chronically ill partner…

…I saw firsthand how health, and life itself, co-exist. Our normal didn’t look like anyone else’s, from following strict protocols, severe diet restrictions, to limiting indoor spaces, you name it. I learned the importance of self-care as a caretaker; and how to manage and make the best of limitations. It took perseverance and adaptability, and it changed my whole perspective on life.

Becoming a functional health coach…

Now, as a graduate of Kresser Institute’s ADAPT Functional Health Coaching Program, I’m helping people take control of their health and live the way they want to.

I still manage Paleo Leap, but coaching is my main focus. It allows me to bring health and wellness to others on an individual level - in more tangible ways than an article or recipe might.

I haven’t seen it all (I mean, who has?) but I’ve seen and experienced unique things. They have brought me to this point, valuing life and health and shining light on them. I truly believe it’s a culmination of my entire life thus far that got me here, but there are a few significant moments that I’d like to share.

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Having never had an external source to speak to about my goals and day-to-day happenings, our time has brought up a lot of positive aspects for me. It's been great to have Ashley help point out different points in my behaviors/actions that I don't see myself. This has been the biggest takeaway for me. I love having convos resulting in action/takeaways as well.
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